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Improve your Presentation Skills with Shannon Alter

Want to improve your soft skills? Soft skills are vital to professional development and to your career success. Shannon Alter, a member of CSUF Center for Real Estate's board, offers valuable insights on delivering effective presentations.

Alter visited Cal State Fullerton to guest speak to Real Estate Association a couple times, including how to do well during a job interview to the REA members.

csuf real estate association members learning how to do well on job interviews with Shannon Alter
REA Meeting with Shannon Alter on Interview Preps

Shannon Alter has over 30 years of experience in hospitality and commercial real estate management and is now taking the leadership strategies she developed and used to other businesses on a global scale, helping leaders improve in three critical areas: employee engagement, employee retention and client retention.

Throughout this book, you’ll discover remedies to be successful in any conversation, long or short, formal or informal. You can use these techniques when you’re:

  • Included in a sales pitch, but aren’t the salesperson

  • Meeting with your boss, or leadership team

  • Presenting at a board meeting or conference

  • Having a conversation with your child’s coach or teacher

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